Surface Fixtures

A3P Framing Projector

A3P LED Framing Projector

The A3P combines precision framing with high output, high CRI performance in a small form-factor. It is available with focusing tubes at 11°, 22°, 33° and 54°, and pin-spot gobos from 1° - 52°, making it one of the most versatile framing projectors on the market.


Maximum 1800 Lumens
Maximum 98 CRI
2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K
23 Watts


2-3/8″ D x 8-11/16″ L
60mm D x 221mm L


Beam-Shaping Shutters
Optical Focusing
Gobo Accessories
Multiple Beam-Spreads Available
On Board Dimming
Fully Recessed Power Supply