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Queens Art Museum — Art for the Community

Litelab sat down with Brian Balderston, Exhibition Production Manager at the Queens Museum to discuss the museum’s relationship to its community, the opportunities and challenges of working in the historical World's Fair building, and strategies of exhibition and lighting design

Building Systems Integrations and the Future of Architecture

We describe how flexibility and intelligence can be introduced into architecture, coordinating various building services and trades within an aesthetic continuum sensitive to materials, form and space.

Flexibility is the Future: Towards an Architecture of Change

We explore how the development of flexible systems impacts the future of architecture and the shift away from rigidity.

Celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of the Akron Art Museum

How the Akron Art Museum prioritizes community, diversity, and the total immersion in art through the collaboration between the curation and the artists.

The Importance of Play: A Day at the Strong Museum of Play

The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, is a place to escape to childhood nostalgia and cultivate childhood imagination.

Life as a Verb: R. Buckminster Fuller’s I Seem to be a Verb

Examining R. Buckminster Fuller’s I Seem to be a Verb through the lens of 21st century architecture and societal needs.