Buffalo AKG Art Museum

Litelab designed and implemented a new Service Shell system at the new Buffalo AKG Art Museum, centralizing power distribution, HVAC, emergency and data infrastructures into a minimalistic interface.

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Litelab’s new linear LEDs offer high output and CRI in a minimalist format. Consisting of cylindrical, low-profile directional and wallwash options, Linelite offers a solution for every application.

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MIT Museum

MIT has been at the forefront of innovation for over a century. The MIT museum brings this history to life using custom Litelab BusRun and LED fixtures that provide light, power, data and structure.

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Lighting News & Education

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Adaptive Reuse – Part 1 Environmental and Social Rationale

Adaptive reuse can be a powerful tool for reactivating a neighborhood in a way that respects the social and historical fabric of the area and reduces the environmental impact of construction. It entails as many challenges as it does opportunities. This article addresses some of each.

Powerhouse Arts New York

Powerhouse Arts is housed in a formerly abandoned 1904 Power Station. Once a popular venue for graffiti artists, squatters and ravers, it was affectionally called the "Batcave." In 2016, Herzog & de Meuron reimaged the space, respecting its heritage. Today, it houses a thriving artistic community.

The new Buffalo AKG Art Museum

The new Buffalo AKG Art Museum is designed as a community-focused institution. Litelab provided a service spine that combines power distribution, emergency, HVAC and data infrastructures, and custom LED lights with up to 6000 lumen output at 98 CRI.

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