Recessed Fixtures

S3W Xicato Wallwash

S3W Xicato Wallwash LED for Use in H09 / H10 Recessed Slot System

The wallwash complement for the S3O Xicato, the S3W provides even floor-to-ceiling wallwashing at 1:1 spacing for ceiling heights up to 18'. Harnessing the high CRI and output of Xicato LED technology, the M3W's diminutive size, high output, clean aesthetic and articulating stem make it ideal for museums, galleries or high-end retail.


Maximum 2000 Lumens
95+ CRI
2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K
27 Watts


3-1/6″ D
78mm D


1:1 Wallwash