Recessed Fixtures

S3O Tunable White

S3O Tunable Fixed Object LED for Use in H09 / H10 Recessed Slot System

The S3O Tunable White Object offers high CRI and Warm and Cool CCT ranges, while providing an added layer of flexibility with interchangeable 15°, 25° and 35° optics. The S3O Tunable White object can be combined with S3W Tunable White wallwash to provide added layers of complexity and flexibility, while maintaining museum lighting standards.


1000 Lumens
90+ CRI
1800 – 4000K CCT Warm Range
2700 – 6500K CCT Cool Range
15°, 25°, 35° Interchangeable Optics
19 Watts


3-1/6″ D
78mm D


15°, 25°, 35° Interchangeable Optics
Warm and Cool Dynamic Ranges