Recessed Fixtures


H02 - Architectural Lighting Slot

The H02 Slot system is one of Litelab's longest running recessed systems. Adjustable to length, it offers a slim 4-3/8" visual opening, and provides up to 1800 Lumens and 98 CRI per fixture, with 20 Amps of available load. It is capable of integrating HVAC, Emergency and other building services.


Y3Z Zoom
Y3O Fixed Object - Static White / Dim-to-Warm / Xicato
Y3W Wallwash - Static White / Dim-to-Warm / Xicato
Y3S Very Narrow Spot

Visual Opening

4-3/8” [111] W


Field Adjustable Length, Standard Corners, and Beam Jumpers
Emergency Fixtures, Sprinkler, and HVAC Integration
45° Aiming Angles