Surface Fixtures

C3O HO Static White

C3O High Output Static White Fixed Focus LED Object Luminaire

The High Output C3O provides an added level of control with 20°, 25°, 35° and 45° interchangeable optics. It offers up to 3200 Lumens and up to 98 CRI in a small 3" diameter cylindrical form. Its deep-set accessory cartridge reduces glare and is capable of holding up to two optical media.


Maximum 3200 Lumens
Up To 98 CRI
2700K, 3000K or 3500K
33 Watts


3-1/16″ D x 7″ L
78mm D x 178mm L


20°, 25°, 35° and 45° Interchangeable Fixed Optic
On Board Dimming
Fully Recessed Power Supply