SURFACE Fixtures

Litelab offers a vast array of LED and LED Replacement Surface-Mounted fixtures. All Litelab Surface-Mounted luminaires come standard with a patented integrated driver that recesses fully within Litelab BusRun, BusPoints and Fluobus. Developed in collaboration with top architects and lighting designers, Litelab Surface-Mounted luminaires maintain minimal presence to maximum effect in any space, and represent our commitment to providing the highest quality luminaires in the market.

Recessed Fixtures

Litelab DownLights, B-Line Multiples and Recessed Linear Slots offer a clean integrated recessed architectural solution for gypsum, wood, stone, marble, acoustical panel and a variety of other ceiling conditions. With visual openings as small as 2” diameter, and integration with other building systems, Litelab’s recessed offerings provide an elegant and robust solution to a variety of architectural and lighting needs. Clean and precise, all Litelab recessed lighting systems are available using the same light sources as our Surface Mounted luminaires, providing a continuity across the total lighting environment.

Power Distribution

Litelab provides a wide variety of power distribution options to fit the unique requirements of any project. Designed for Recessed, Surface, Hanging and Wall-mounted applications, Litelab’s power distribution systems are available in up to 60 amps, and up to 3-circuits with DataBus for ELV, 0-10, Dali and DMX dimming. Developed around the aesthetic and functional requirements of leading architects, and lighting and exhibition designers, Litelab’s power distribution systems offer flexibility to any design.

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