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Low voltage, line voltage, remote or integral power supplies...

Illustrated Fitter Guide

9AD: Deep BusRun

for use with line voltage BusRun, side-car transformer or ballast. 4.6" length [117mm]

9BD: Deep BusRun

for use with low voltage BusRun (remote transformer)

4.6" length [117mm]

9iD: Deep BusRun

integral 12v transformer fits within line voltage BusRun (75w maximum). 7.5" length [191mm]

9LD: Deep BusRun

integral LED driver fits within BusRun

16.4" length [416mm]

BusRun Fitter

Installation Guide

BT: Basic Track

EUT-2 or EUT-3 without power supply

for use with 1-circuit

basic track

1.5" [38mm]x 1.18" [30mm]







for use with 2 or 3- circuit

Eutrac spec track

3.8" [97mm] x .75" [19mm]

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