COVID-19 NOTICE: Temporary Suspension of Production

Dear All,

After careful consideration, and in light of the recent mandates issued by Governor Cuomo, Litelab has decided to temporarily suspend production at both our main facility in Buffalo, NY, and our satellite facility in Long Island City, NY, Effective March 20TH, 2020. While we are/were engaging in vigorous steps to maintain the safety of our Litelab team, we have come to a juncture where the suspension of production was the only viable and responsible way forward. Link to New York State COVID-19 updates 

Please note, that while our production capacity is temporarily on hold, all other departments within the organization are actively teleworking, and we do not anticipate any issues with assisting you in any inquiries that you may have concerning Litelab. Our client facing team is taking proactive steps to safeguard existing orders and work with our clients and partners to ensure continuity during this period of uncertainty. Please contact your agent or Litelab designated point of contact for further information. 

Per previous communications, we are dealing with a highly fluid situation, that appears to still be in its infancy. As a result, we are tentatively planning on resuming production around Mid-Late April; however, as we have observed, that timeframe could be extended to a later date.  

It is our sincere desire to resume production and normal functionality as soon as it is safe and feasible to do so. We will be actively communicating with you all, and we at Litelab hope our greater lighting community is healthy and safe. #ONELITELAB 

Thank you for your Patience and Consideration,