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Metal Halide

Basic Slots


Basic Slots are a line of open face recessed fixtures. All lamps are gimbal mounted with up to a 45 degree aiming angle and are adjustable to two levels relative to the ceiling plane. Lamp holders accommodate up to two accessories including object and wallwash snoots. Basic Slots may be ordered as trimless (TL) or trimmed (TR) and can be installed in new construction or as a retro fit.


Metal Halide

Quiet Lites

(for new construction)


This series is organized around halogen and metal halide MR-16 lamps. Designed for a trimless appearance in plaster ceilings, this line has framed lensed apertures for a softer more elegant approach to lighting. The units are available in one to four lamp and may be ordered as downlights or wall washers.


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