Why specify BusRun Busway? Here's just a few reasons...

Perhaps the most successful product Litelab has introduced in the last 20 years, BusRun has enjoyed worldwide acceptance thanks to the following features:


Electrical code variants for bus combined with its far greater current capacity greatly reduce installation cost with no compromise on your design.


BusRun’s structural integrity allows for unique features when suspended or recessed.


Litelab innovations have allowed BusRun to do double duty, including HVAC integration, supporting hanging objects, or becoming part of a ceiling structure allowing the designer much greater flexibility at much

lower cost.


The next time you have a need for a linear power source let Litelab’s application engineers assist in allowing your design to reach its full potential.


Suspend it from the ceiling, surface mount it to a drop

grid ceiling, or recess it into a plaster, wood or ceiling system by others... BusRun offers a wide range of installation applications.

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