Large and Small Slots

Maximum flexibility for lighting retail spaces and galleries...

Imagine a line of recessed fixtures that you need to rearrange from time to time. Now imagine a continuous recessed light fixture that allows you to easily do that and you have the genius of Litelab's Small and Large Slot Systems, small for halogen and metal halide MR16 and QT12; and large for PAR 20 to PAR 38.


Fixture mounting positions and aperture plates are organized on preset center spacings of 9" for small and 14" for large. When a fixture is moved – or removed – a blank cover hides the slot opening. Blank cover plates, aperture plates and fixtures are interchangeable to provide maximum flexibility for lighting galleries and retail spaces. The slots are equipped with up to 4 circuits of plug-in BusRun, making fixture movement a simple event.


Fixtures for the Small and Large Slot System are available as object lights or wallwashers and can accept multiple accessories. A specially engineered fixture mounting allows for the precise fixture placement and adjustment for either application.





Small Slot housing accepts halogen and metal halide MR-16 and QT-12 with an aperture of 2.25" [57mm]

Large Slot housing accepts PAR20 to PAR38 and LED replacement fixtures with an aperture of 6.0" [152mm]

The Small Slot System illuminates a main corridor

of the Cleveland Museum

of Art.

Halogen Fixtures

Metal Halide Fixtures

Consult Litelab for a line of metal halide fixtures for Large and Small Slots

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