Fundamentals Collection

Conceived as the all encompassing workhorse of Litelab's track fixture collection, this line offers the broadest range of lamp selection, accessories, and mounting configurations. Their durable construction based on a theatrical appearance has

been a specifier favorite for over 30 years.

Replacement LED Fixtures

Refer to the LED Replacement Chart for tested LED lamps.

F01 MR16

F09 PAR38

F22 PAR38

F10 MR16

F07 PAR20

F20 PAR20

F08 PAR30

F21 PAR30

LED Replacement

Lamp Chart

Download to review lamps that have been tested for use with Litelab fixtures.

F03 AR111

Halogen Fixtures   Consult factory for cut sheets.

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This site contains conceptual renderings and product photos that are subject to change based on design, engineering, and manufacturing review and analysis.

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