Uplighting or downlighting, LED or fluorescent... you choose.

Litelab’s FluoBus

product line is ideal for architectural lighting designs that require

a combination of fluorescent and task lighting.


FluoBus combines Litelab’s unique BusRun Busway track lighting with an LED strip or    T5 fluorescent up/downlight component,

in an attractive suspended extrusion system.


FluoBus FBL

(with LED uplighting)

The FluoBus system is specified in Porsche dealerships across the United States — providing both indirect and task lighting for their showrooms.


The Pace Gallery in Beijing, China installed FluoBus for the purpose of indirect light and feature lighting for their works of art.

FluoBus FBF

(with fluorescent uplighting)

Additional FluoBus Options

(consult factory)





Stand Alone/LED

LED strip fixture in the upper channel and BusRun in the lower channel.

FBL with lens


Stand Alone/Fluorescent

T5 fluorescent fixture in the upper channel and BusRun in the lower channel.

BusRun in the upper channel and T5 fluorescent fixture in the lower channel.

T5 fluorescent fixtures located in both channels.

BusRun located in both channels.

FBL without lens

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