Field Cutting


Components of the BusRun busway.

1. Determine the overall length of joiner.

2. Mark BusRun at

cutting point.

3. Make sure insulator (shown as black) is flush at the non-cut end of the BusRun.

This process details

how to field-cut

BusRunĀ® Busway joiners.

Additional information

or installation assistance,

is available by calling Litelab at 800.238.4120.

4. Slide the internal busbars in 1.25"

(32mm) from the non-cut end of the BusRun. Busbars should be FLUSH with scrap end of BusRun.

5. Cut BusRun at marked location on a mitre saw with a carbide tipped blade.

6. Deburr all edges and position the inslulator flush with the ends of the BusRun.

7. Position the internal busbars to .625"

(16mm) from both ends of the BusRun. (Refer to the diagram below.)

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