It's there when you need it... and gone when you don't.

Architectural spaces often function as multiple use spaces and nowhere is this more common than in the hospitality and convention world.


Litelab's BusPort System is a retractable platform which provides mounting support, power, and connections for audio, video, wireless internet, and lighting equipment. It's there when you need it and gone when you don't.

Busports can be used to power fixtures by other as shown in the Duke Energy Headquarters lobby, Charlotte, NC - or support up to 2500 lbs [1143kg] static load as shown supporting this theatrical lighting truss in a hotel ballroom.

TR3: BusPort

TR3-01: Junior BusPort

TR3-02: Video BusPort

Opens to 15" [381mm] below the finished ceiling.

Opens to 8" [204mm] below the finished ceiling.

Opens to 6" [154mm] below the finished ceiling - not including the projector height. Projector not included. Video pod is ordered separately.

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